Canon hat mit dem Selphy CP1200 einen neuen Pocket-Drucker angekündigt. Der handliche Thermo­trans­fer­drucker gibt Prints bis zu einer Größe von 148 x 100 mm aus. Die Druck­daten nimmt er via WLAN oder AirPrint von einem Mobil­gerät oder einer entspre­chend ausge­stat­teten Kamera entgegen. Der Selphy CP1200 soll im Februar 2016 zum Preis von 125 Euro in den Handel gelangen.

Canon Selphy CP1200


Presse­infor­mation zum Selphy CP1200 der Canon Deutschland GmbH:

SELPHY CP1200: Unterwegs drucken

Bleibende Erinne­rungen druckt ganz leicht der neue SELPHY CP1200 – egal ob zu Hause oder unterwegs. Der SELPHY CP1200 bietet mit integriertem WLAN und AirPrint eine einfache Konnek­ti­vität und ermög­licht einen schnellen Druck in Labor­qua­lität von Smart­phones, Tablets und kompa­tiblen Kameras. Mit der Dye-Sub-Techno­logie kann aus vier Oberflä­chen­aus­füh­rungen ohne Papier­wechsel ausge­wählt werden. Beim Druck von Kameras und Smart­phones besteht eine Vielzahl kreativer Möglich­keiten. Dazu gehören das Postkar­ten­format, Quadrate oder die Kredit­kar­ten­größe – und alles geht super-schnell. Mit dem optional erhält­lichen Akku mit erhöhter Reich­weite lassen sich bis zu 54 Fotoprints im Postkar­ten­format drucken.

SELPHY CP1200 – Haupt­leis­tungs­merkmale:

  • Simpel und schnell von Mobil­ge­räten drucken
  • Mit besonders haltbaren Fotoprints in Labor­qua­lität bleiben Erinne­rungen lange lebendig
  • Kreativ und ganz einfach bedienbar
  • Der kompakte, schicke und mobile Fotoprinter
  • Auswähl­bares Druck-Finish bei Standard-Fotopapier

Technische Daten (nur in Englisch verfügbar):

 Method   Dye-subli­mation thermal transfer printing system 
 Maximum Resolution   300 x 300 dpi 
 Colours   3 colour inks with protective over coating, 256 levels per colour (24 bit colour depth) 
 Postcard Size  148 x 100 mm – KP-36IP, KP-108IN, RP-108, RP-1080V  
 Credit Card Size   86 x 54 mm – [KC-36IP] [2] 
 Credit Card Size Stickers    86 x 54 mm – [KC-18IF] [2] 
 Square Stickers  50 x 50 mm – [KC-18IS] [2] 
 Mini Stickers  22.0 x 17.3 mm (x8 stickers on one sheet) – [KC-18IL] [2] 
 Ink Cartridge  Included with media 
 Image Longevity   100 Years Print [3] 
 Sheet Feeder   Auto feed from paper cassette 
 Postcard Size   approx. 47 sec [14] 
 Credit Card Size    approx. 27 sec [14] 
 Credit Card Size Stickers    approx. 27 sec [14] 
 Mini Stickers   approx. 27 sec [14] 
 Print Modes   Select & Print (Selection of individual images and number of copies for batch printing), All image print (Selection of all images and number of copies for batch printing), DPOF Image Print, Reprinting, ID Photo Print (Standard / Custom / Dual), ID Photo Priority, Keep Print Settings, Auto Power Down 
 Print Settings   Print finish:Glossy, Semi-Gloss (Pattern 1 / Pattern 2 / Pattern 3)Image layout:Borders (Bordered / Borderless), Page Layout (1 / 2 / 4 / 8 images per page, 2 imagesper page fixed size (Background (White / Black) / Center), Index, Shuffle (8 / 20 images per page / Orien­tation (Landscape / Portrait) / Background (White / Black))Image manipulation:Image Optimize, Brightness (7 levels, from –3 to +3), Colour Adjustment (7 levels (C-R) x 7 levels (Y – B)), Smooth Skin, My Colors (Vivid / Neutral / Positive Film / Sepia / B/W /Off), Red-eye Correction, Date (Prominent / Subtle / Off), Date Format, File Number (Prominent / Subtle / Off), Cropping 
 Direct Printing From a Camera   PictBridge compliant (USB and Wireless LAN) 
 Direct From a Memory Card   Supported card types: SD, SDHC, SDXCUSB Flash Memory [13] Supported via Adapter [7]: miniSD, miniSDHC, microSD, microSDHC, microSDXC 
 Direct From a Camera Phone   Compa­tible with smart­phones, tablets and portable devices via Wi-Fi (Direct or Infra­structure connection) [15] [16]:iOS devices – using Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY app & Apple AirPrintAn­droid devices- using Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY app & direct printing via Canon PRINT Service plugin­Windows RT devices – using Canon Easy Photo­Print appKindle Fire OS devices – Direct printing via Canon Print Plugin 
 Print From a Computer   Yes, requires standard USB cable or compa­tible Wi-Fi connection. 
 Camera   USB type A port on printer, Wi-Fi (PictBridge via WLAN – DPS over IP compa­tible) 
 Computer   USB mini-B port on printer, Wi-Fi (IEEE802.11 b/g) 
 LCD Monitor   6.8 cm (2.7″) Colour TFT viewer with multi-language user interface and tilt mechanism(Languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Thai, Hindi, Vietnamese, Malaysian, Japanese, Portu­guese, Turkish, Arabic) 
 PC   USB connection: Windows 8.1 / 8 / 7 SP1Wi-Fi connection: Windows 8.1 / 8 / 7 SP1 
 Macintosh   Compa­tible with Apple OS via AirPrint [16] 
 Drivers   Windows 
 AC Power Supply   Yes, supplied 
 Battery Pack   Yes, optional NB-CP2LH (Approx. 54 Postcard size prints per full charge) 
 Power Consumption   Approx. 4W (standby), approx. 60W (printing) 
 Case   Print on-the-go Bag DCC-CP3CP Printer Carrying Case DCC-CP2 
 Paper Cassette   Card Size Paper Cassette PCC-CP400 
 Power Supply & Battery Chargers   AC Adapter CA-CP200B 
 Operating Environment   5 – 40 °C, 20 – 80% humidity 
 Dimen­sions    180.6 x 135.9 x 63.3 mm (printer only without protru­sions) 
 Weight   860 g (Excluding Ink Cartridge and Paper Cassette) 

All data is based on Canon’s standard testing methods.
Subject to change without notice.
[2] Requires optional paper cassette PCC-CP400
[3] To test the image perma­nence of prints that are stored in an album, we use an accele­rated testing method similar to how the image perma­nence of silver-halide photo papers are measured when stored in dark places. Print samples are printed with the optical density of 1.0 (each Bk, C, M,Y). The samples are kept in a certain environment of high tempe­rature and 50% humidity. The rate of the decrease in the optical density and rate of yellow disco­lo­ration are recorded. The recorded results are then converted to the length of time when print image is kept in an environment of 23℃/ 50% humidity. <Criteria for estimation of print longevity> ‘The point where monochromatic/ reflective optical density shows loss of 30% (starting density of 1.0).
[4] Print speed can vary dependent on data size, print method, memory card and capacity and is measured from start of printing excluding paper handling
[5] Modes/features available may differ dependent on camera model or use of memory card to print
[7] Requires adapter (sold separately)
[13] Irregu­larly sized images, or images that have been edited on a computer may not display or print. USB Devices that are not identified as “Removable media” (such as external hard drives) or do not use the FAT or exFAT file system or have GUID partition tables created on a Macintosh computer are not supported.
[14] Print speed can vary dependent on data size, print method, print finish setting, memory card type and capacity. Print speed is measured from start of printing excluding paper handling
[15] Compa­ti­bility of Canon appli­ca­tions varies depending on your smart device model and operating system. For latest compa­ti­bility please refer to the app store on your smart device.

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