Canon hat mit dem Selphy CP1200 einen neuen Pocket-Dru­cker ange­kün­digt. Der hand­li­che Ther­mo­trans­fer­dru­cker gibt Prints bis zu einer Größe von 148 x 100 mm aus. Die Druck­da­ten nimmt er via WLAN oder Air­Print von einem Mobil­ge­rät oder einer ent­spre­chend aus­ge­stat­te­ten Kamera ent­ge­gen. Der Selphy CP1200 soll im Februar 2016 zum Preis von 125 Euro in den Handel gelan­gen.

Canon Selphy CP1200


Pres­se­infor­ma­tion zum Selphy CP1200 der Canon Deutsch­land GmbH:

SELPHY CP1200: Unter­wegs dru­cken

Blei­bende Erin­ne­run­gen druckt ganz leicht der neue SELPHY CP1200 – egal ob zu Hause oder unter­wegs. Der SELPHY CP1200 bietet mit inte­grier­tem WLAN und Air­Print eine ein­fa­che Kon­nek­ti­vi­tät und ermög­licht einen schnel­len Druck in Labor­qua­li­tät von Smart­pho­nes, Tablets und kom­pa­ti­blen Kame­ras. Mit der Dye-Sub-Tech­no­lo­gie kann aus vier Ober­flä­chen­aus­füh­run­gen ohne Papier­wech­sel aus­ge­wählt werden. Beim Druck von Kame­ras und Smart­pho­nes besteht eine Viel­zahl krea­ti­ver Mög­lich­kei­ten. Dazu gehö­ren das Post­kar­ten­for­mat, Qua­drate oder die Kre­dit­kar­ten­größe – und alles geht super-schnell. Mit dem optio­nal erhält­li­chen Akku mit erhöh­ter Reich­weite lassen sich bis zu 54 Foto­prints im Post­kar­ten­for­mat dru­cken.

SELPHY CP1200 – Haupt­leis­tungs­merk­male:

  • Simpel und schnell von Mobil­ge­rä­ten dru­cken
  • Mit beson­ders halt­ba­ren Foto­prints in Labor­qua­li­tät blei­ben Erin­ne­run­gen lange leben­dig
  • Krea­tiv und ganz ein­fach bedien­bar
  • Der kom­pakte, schi­cke und mobile Foto­prin­ter
  • Aus­wähl­ba­res Druck-Finish bei Stan­dard-Foto­pa­pier

Tech­ni­sche Daten (nur in Eng­li­sch ver­füg­bar):

 Method   Dye-sub­li­ma­tion ther­mal trans­fer prin­ting system 
 Maxi­mum Reso­lu­tion   300 x 300 dpi 
 Colours   3 colour inks with pro­tec­tive over coa­ting, 256 levels per colour (24 bit colour depth) 
 Post­card Size  148 x 100 mm – KP-36IP, KP-108IN, RP-108, RP-1080V  
 Credit Card Size   86 x 54 mm – [KC-36IP] [2] 
 Credit Card Size Sti­ckers    86 x 54 mm – [KC-18IF] [2] 
 Square Sti­ckers  50 x 50 mm – [KC-18IS] [2] 
 Mini Sti­ckers  22.0 x 17.3 mm (x8 sti­ckers on one sheet) – [KC-18IL] [2] 
 Ink Car­tridge  Inclu­ded with media 
 Image Lon­ge­vity   100 Years Print [3] 
 Sheet Feeder   Auto feed from paper cas­sette 
 Post­card Size   approx. 47 sec [14] 
 Credit Card Size    approx. 27 sec [14] 
 Credit Card Size Sti­ckers    approx. 27 sec [14] 
 Mini Sti­ckers   approx. 27 sec [14] 
 Print Modes   Select & Print (Selec­tion of indi­vi­dual images and number of copies for batch prin­ting), All image print (Selec­tion of all images and number of copies for batch prin­ting), DPOF Image Print, Reprin­ting, ID Photo Print (Stan­dard / Custom / Dual), ID Photo Prio­rity, Keep Print Set­tings, Auto Power Down 
 Print Set­tings   Print finish:Glossy, Semi-Gloss (Pat­tern 1 / Pat­tern 2 / Pat­tern 3)Image layout:Borders (Bor­de­red / Bor­der­less), Page Layout (1 / 2 / 4 / 8 images per page, 2 images­per page fixed size (Back­ground (White / Black) / Center), Index, Shuf­fle (8 / 20 images per page / Ori­en­ta­tion (Land­scape / Por­trait) / Back­ground (White / Black))Image manipulation:Image Opti­mize, Bright­ness (7 levels, from –3 to +3), Colour Adjust­ment (7 levels (C-R) x 7 levels (Y – B)), Smooth Skin, My Colors (Vivid / Neu­tral / Posi­tive Film / Sepia / B/W /Off), Red-eye Cor­rec­tion, Date (Pro­mi­nent / Subtle / Off), Date Format, File Number (Pro­mi­nent / Subtle / Off), Crop­ping 
 Direct Prin­ting From a Camera   Pict­Bridge com­p­li­ant (USB and Wire­less LAN) 
 Direct From a Memory Card   Sup­por­ted card types: SD, SDHC, SDXCUSB Flash Memory [13] Sup­por­ted via Adap­ter [7]: miniSD, miniS­DHC, microSD, microS­DHC, microS­DXC 
 Direct From a Camera Phone   Com­pa­ti­ble with smart­pho­nes, tablets and por­ta­ble devices via Wi-Fi (Direct or Infra­struc­ture con­nec­tion) [15] [16]:iOS devices – using Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY app & Apple Air­PrintAn­droid devices- using Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY app & direct prin­ting via Canon PRINT Ser­vice plugin­Win­dows RT devices – using Canon Easy Pho­to­Print app­Kindle Fire OS devices – Direct prin­ting via Canon Print Plugin 
 Print From a Com­pu­ter   Yes, requi­res stan­dard USB cable or com­pa­ti­ble Wi-Fi con­nec­tion. 
 Camera   USB type A port on prin­ter, Wi-Fi (Pict­Bridge via WLAN – DPS over IP com­pa­ti­ble) 
 Com­pu­ter   USB mini-B port on prin­ter, Wi-Fi (IEEE802.11 b/g) 
 LCD Moni­tor   6.8 cm (2.7”) Colour TFT viewer with multi-lan­guage user inter­face and tilt mechanism(Languages: Eng­lish, German, French, Ita­lian, Spa­nish, Rus­sian, Sim­pli­fied Chi­nese, Korean, Thai, Hindi, Viet­na­mese, Malay­sian, Japa­nese, Por­tu­guese, Tur­kish, Arabic) 
 PC   USB con­nec­tion: Win­dows 8.1 / 8 / 7 SP1Wi-Fi con­nec­tion: Win­dows 8.1 / 8 / 7 SP1 
 Mac­in­tosh   Com­pa­ti­ble with Apple OS via Air­Print [16] 
 Dri­vers   Win­dows 
 AC Power Supply   Yes, sup­plied 
 Bat­tery Pack   Yes, optio­nal NB-CP2LH (Approx. 54 Post­card size prints per full charge) 
 Power Con­sump­tion   Approx. 4W (standby), approx. 60W (prin­ting) 
 Case   Print on-the-go Bag DCC-CP3CP Prin­ter Car­ry­ing Case DCC-CP2 
 Paper Cas­sette   Card Size Paper Cas­sette PCC-CP400 
 Power Supply & Bat­tery Char­gers   AC Adap­ter CA-CP200B 
 Ope­ra­ting Envi­ron­ment   5 – 40 °C, 20 – 80% humi­dity 
 Dimen­si­ons    180.6 x 135.9 x 63.3 mm (prin­ter only without pro­tru­si­ons) 
 Weight   860 g (Exclu­ding Ink Car­tridge and Paper Cas­sette) 

All data is based on Canon’s stan­dard tes­ting methods.
Sub­ject to change without notice.
[2] Requi­res optio­nal paper cas­sette PCC-CP400
[3] To test the image per­ma­nence of prints that are stored in an album, we use an acce­le­ra­ted tes­ting method simi­lar to how the image per­ma­nence of silver-halide photo papers are mea­su­red when stored in dark places. Print sam­ples are prin­ted with the opti­cal den­sity of 1.0 (each Bk, C, M,Y). The sam­ples are kept in a cer­tain envi­ron­ment of high tem­pe­ra­ture and 50% humi­dity. The rate of the decrease in the opti­cal den­sity and rate of yellow dis­co­lo­ra­tion are recor­ded. The recor­ded results are then con­ver­ted to the length of time when print image is kept in an envi­ron­ment of 23℃/ 50% humi­dity. <Cri­te­ria for esti­ma­tion of print lon­ge­vity> ‘The point where monochromatic/ reflec­tive opti­cal den­sity shows loss of 30% (star­ting den­sity of 1.0).
[4] Print speed can vary depen­dent on data size, print method, memory card and capa­city and is mea­su­red from start of prin­ting exclu­ding paper hand­ling
[5] Modes/features avail­able may differ depen­dent on camera model or use of memory card to print
[7] Requi­res adap­ter (sold sepa­ra­tely)
[13] Irre­gu­larly sized images, or images that have been edited on a com­pu­ter may not dis­play or print. USB Devices that are not iden­ti­fied as “Remova­ble media” (such as exter­nal hard drives) or do not use the FAT or exFAT file system or have GUID par­ti­tion tables crea­ted on a Mac­in­tosh com­pu­ter are not sup­por­ted.
[14] Print speed can vary depen­dent on data size, print method, print finish set­ting, memory card type and capa­city. Print speed is mea­su­red from start of prin­ting exclu­ding paper hand­ling
[15] Com­pa­ti­bi­lity of Canon app­li­ca­ti­ons varies depen­ding on your smart device model and ope­ra­ting system. For latest com­pa­ti­bi­lity please refer to the app store on your smart device.

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